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of Military Personnel purchasing homes overpay in Fees related to the Real Estate Transaction?

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Duty Station Relocator, also known as DSR, is a free service connection company for Military personnel focused on making the homeownership process simple and safe. It is no secret that Military personnel are susceptible to industry malpractice and excess fees throughout the Mortgage and Real estate transaction, due to a lack of knowledge on the home buying process. We are Veteran owned and operated by highly skilled professionals with a combined Military service of over 40 years.

Let us help you from start to finish as your Trusted Advisor.

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Duty Station Relocator consultants work with you 1 on 1 to educate you on the overall process of the Real Estate and Mortgage transactions. We pair you with vetted real estate professionals and VA Loan Officers that understand the unique nature military personnel face when purchasing a home.

No more long hours interviewing prospective realtors and mortgage lenders in fear of making the wrong choice. Especially when the wrong choice in real estate can cost you thousands of dollars. We allow you to focus on what matters most. Which is getting acclimated to your new surroundings and reducing the stress that comes with moving your family.

Did you know websites like Zillow, Trulia, and more sell your information to realtors and mortgage lenders which can result in 40+ sales phone calls, excessive emails and possible home visits? Once you type your personal information on these sites, it is then sold to all the realtors and mortgage lenders in your local area. DSR focuses on protecting your privacy and matching you with 1 top professional based on your needs and personality. We understand how important privacy is and because of that, your information is safe with us.

Not all realtors and lenders are created equal. Choosing the wrong duo could cost you thousands of dollars in fees and missed negotiation opportunities. Our Veteran Certified Realtors and lenders have been screened, tested and all specialize in helping veterans with the VA Home loan.

All of the professionals in our network believe in the DSR mission.  Because of this, our partners focus on negotiating the best deal to ensure our clients receive the most money, lowest interest rates and fastest closing times.

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