What is DSR?

December 10, 2020

Duty Station Relocator is a Free service geared towards supporting Active Duty service members and Veterans purchase homes with 1 on 1 consultation over the entire process of purchasing real estate with the VA Loan and access to a network of Veteran certified realtors and VA Loan Specialists.. 

The founders, after spending years in Real Investing, Real Estate Agency and utilizing the VA Home Loan on multiple occasions noticed an extreme knowledge gap within the professional network from Real Agents and Loan Originators in regards to helping service members. 

“We would see a lack of knowledge on military topics affecting transitioning service members during PCS. Service members deserve care, skill and due diligence and oftentimes that is not what occurs” 

Some things that occur are, 

  1. Pushing certain houses that benefit the realtor and not the veteran
  2. Excess fees from lenders
  3. Lack of execution and speed
  4. Lackluster attitude and empathy to the stress of traveling on a drop of hat to new duty stations. 

What normally happens is the service member places their info on Zillow, Trulia or Realtor.com and then gets attacked by a sea of agents trying to earn their business. There are no qualifications to be a part of those sites except being able to pay for your profile to show up. To make it worse they send your info to multiple real estate agents. Ouch! 

The lack of performance doesn’t pertain to the entire industry however, when it’s time to execute PCS orders, does the service member really have time to filter through hundreds of agents in the area in hopes of finding the diamond in the rough? 

Unfortunately, oftentimes the answer is NO and the servicemembers end of settling which could potentially cost them thousands of dollars.

On top of all that, the VA Loan benefit is oftentimes not a focus of conversation so a lot of service members don’t understand the value they have. Trying to navigate all these things can make the process extremely stressful. 

Duty Station Relocator Founders noticed this and wanted to fight against this void and empower a complete understanding of the VA Home Loan benefit and Real Estate transaction as a whole. 

“It just makes sense. Buying my first house when I was 25 has really paid off now that I’m in retirement. I was able to maintain it as a rental property and recently did a home equity loan and used it to fund 4 years of my daughters college education” 1stSgt Williams Retired (see article What is the VA Home Loan?

DSR inserts itself in the point of friction for active service members and veterans bridging the gap and reducing the stress of timely research on the process of using their VA Home Loan and the costly mistake of choosing the wrong representation. The Founders of DSR and Advisors have a wealth of experience in the military in addition to real estate and mortgage services. 

“We ensure everyone in our professional network shares our vision of helping service members and is equipped with providing quality service.” 


Tellers J. Pollard III

Tellers Pollard is the COO of Duty Station Relocator and served honorably as a Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Marine Corps.

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